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My name is Atara, married to Eitan and mother to Yael, Eli, Ofri and Roi.

I grew up in Kibbutz Ein Gedi in Israel (part of the heart and family is still there), today I live in Plano, Tx.
The romance with the world of photography began when I received a camera as a gift for my Bat Mitzvah - since then I have been capturing unforgettable moments, learning, becoming more professional and developing in the field.​
All my life I dreamed of being a nurse. I fulfilled my dream and arrived as a Registered nurse in the high-risk pregnancy department

After about 5 years I moved to Labor and Delivery department. After about 8 years of working as a nurse, I specialized and I am a Certified Nurse Midwife .

Photography is a great love and a significant part of my life.
The meeting with couples who are in the process of pregnancy, childbirth and the first meeting, with a new entity that entered their lives, ignited in me the desire and the need to preserve the one-time moments that each of us experienced or will experience. to preserve our memories.

Now I combine the love and the dream and make them a reality.
I am a midwife and a photographer - I photograph people (and children) in a natural and real way, the connections between them.

the feelings ​

I am here to commemorate your life in an experiential, professional and quality way

In nature or at your home I will document for you the special period of pregnancy, the first days with the baby,

The bursting joy of your children, you as a family.

At the end of the process I will give you an unforgettable souvenir and a lifetime experience.

Everything I did, do and will do stems from great love and a sense of mission
I hope you will join me for an unforgettable experience of an exciting encounter with the camera and capturing unforgettable moments.


I believe that there is no price in the world that will compare to the value of the memories you create that will remain forever for your children, for your loved ones and for yourself.


With love, Atara.

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